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Belief of the Elephants is a video game available for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. The game comes from the creators who worked on the Prince of Purse games. With the release of games like Splinter Cell, Tom Klein’s Ghost Reckon, and Prince of Persia, no one can question the quality of the game from Ubisoft. Assassin’s Creed is the next installment of the Ubisoft game, which has been in development for almost four years. The story of the game stretches back to 1191 when the worst third crusade in Jerusalem tortured innocent civilians. This is where the killer plays the role. The main character in this game is Altair, and he is just a skilled assassin. At the ceremony it was revealed that Altair had failed to eliminate Robert de Sable (Master of the Knights Templar). As a result, Altair is on a mission to retrieve his claim that he made money before he was unable to eliminate Robert de Sable. Fortunately, Sunan (the leader of the assassins) extended the olive branch to Al-Tayyar and gave Al-Tayyar the opportunity to correct his mistakes. Sunan has called on Altair to eliminate those responsible for the Third Crusade and end the atrocities perpetrated by these men. As a result, Ultire complies with Sunan’s request and prepares to end the Third Crusade. From here on, things get more difficult for the players. The game is definitely a heartwarming storyline from start to finish. Let me get straight to the point: this game is great. There are infinite possibilities in the game. For example, you can jump from one roof to another to avoid identification. On the contrary, the game offers a very clear way of killing opponents. The amount of freedom in murderous religions is truly ideal. Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem are where the three great games will take place. Most of the gameplay will be in three stages: one stage is vision, the second stage is murder and the third stage is escape.
The three stages of the game are essential for success in the game. The point is, how well did you portray the murder. This includes knowing the area and examining the location of the enemy. Assassination is the true murder of targets. This can be done in a secret or visual technique. Sometimes Ultra has no choice but to be sensible. The second time you will have the option to perform a goal in secret. Last but not least. That’s how cleverly you manage to escape murder. Altair can chase people and obstruct the attack of chasing opponents. All three stages are enjoyable and add a lot of depth to the gameplay. Versatility in the game is another factor that really shines. Altair can retrieve information from strangers, protect pedestrians from hugs, and kill guards. Also, there are optional missions available. There are nine main objectives in the overall game, and they all start the same way. It is necessary to climb to the top of the buildings to scan the area. If one is considering whether withdrawing is a disturbing process or not, there is no answer to this question. You can put a large pile of grass to break. Even with all the sophisticated tactics Altair has in his arsenal, the controls are extremely accessible. Instead of having jump buttons, there are simple action buttons that let you mess up the situation around Altair. This is especially useful when the number of altars is very small and needs to be easily reached.

The game gives Altair the ability to achieve goals in various ways. For example, climbing a wall or running through a front door. One of the most unique game mechanics is how Altair can use the crowd to his advantage. You can network with the people around you so they have a low profile and can go from point A to point B, however trying to blend in with the crowd is also worth it. If you do something out of the ordinary, people will react accordingly and get your attention. Fighting in-game is quite challenging and entertaining. Just don’t expect to convert the enemy (God’s God war) because altruistic attacks can be prevented. The best course of action is to retaliate. A quick hit count takes time to complete the kill. These countersuits are not invincible, but they do require some skill to master. They function in the same way as the response system in the heavenly sword. The facts of the battle are realistic, and Altair will fight fierce enemies. At the same time, they work in exactly the same way. Some guards will flee Alter, and others will ridicule Alter. This is different for each defender. They all have different personalities and shapes. Altair has four weapons: a longsword, a small sword, a knife, and a concealed blade. The longsword is the main weapon that causes considerable damage. The small sword allows Altair to attack quickly with little damage. Throwing knives have been added to disperse enemies from afar. This is especially useful when the altar is on the ceiling.
Hidden blades are often used to kill a hit. You can easily change your guns as they are all printed on the directional pad. Also, Altair can use his own fists to interrogate people. The graphics in the game are amazing. All the characters in the crowd have their own distinctions and look different. Architecture seems to represent significantly better. The animations are remarkable: everything from falling to jumping looks flawless. There are even beggars who will ask you for some money. The audio in this game is absolutely amazing. The voices of confrontation with each other are admirable. The voice acting is great. Each line of the dialogue is exceptionally proportionate. The audience will also hear the sounds of benches and the singing of birds in the distance. The only downside to the enemy’s AI game is the delay. Sometimes they will act like blind squirrels trying to find you. Overall, there is no doubt that this game is the best Ubisoft game. Ubisoft has the potential to create incredible video games, and Assassin’s Creed is no exception. Last sentence: 9. 3 out of 10

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