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The dance ion pads are at the top of the line of pads. These beautifully designed and well-designed DDR dance pads have solid and responsive arrows, which will give you the best response and excellent playability. Advanced wiring and responsive buttons will result in a very high score and there will definitely be no more delays. We can register every time we press the dance pad ion buttons.
The Ion Metal Pad will bring you the Dance Dance Revolution gaming experience from the arcade to your home. Now you can improve DDR game skills in the comfort of your own room and display them when you enter the game room. Competitors / spectators will be amazed at your skill level after practicing on the ion metal platform. With our combo packs, you’re ready to experience a more casual dance revolution style than playing games at home with these uniquely designed pads! Do you think DDR can’t be better? You should try to believe them! Ion Metal Pads and Ion Arcade Metal Pads are the best metal dance pads ever made and the quality is excellent.

Once again GameAsilum. com continues to search and innovate innovative solutions for our DDR game fans, and we are here to revolutionize the Dance Dance Revolution metal dance platform. Includes sensitivity control box for excellent buttons (works with PS One, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC) All stainless steel metal arrows (no more crack arrows) Super large or rigid sensor mat for better sensitivity Will work on floor.

For more information about Ion DancePad for DDR or other video game accessories, see DDRPad Discount.
They are an authorized distributor of DDR dance pads and video game accessories. Thanks Donald Martin [http://www. ezweb


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