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The video game software testing process is primarily known as gaming testing. You may have heard of people making money playing video games. Well these are really true stories. There are companies that really pay you to play only those video games that are not yet on the market. The main objective behind this is that when you play you will encounter existing errors as a player, if any, more easily than any programmer and can help them edit the software, therefore you can avoid massive losses just by paying a good sum. Gaming companies earn billions of dollars with each game they release. So if you get rid of the bug and become increasingly popular paying just 40-50 for the hourly L40, this is a good deal for both the tester and the company. In Game Tester you need to test certain areas.
First, it is a test of the functionality of the game. This is commonly known as game testing because it involves testing the basic user interface and requires almost no technical knowledge of game development. All you need to do here is check whether the game crashes or not, or how accurate the game mechanics and other basic things based on its structure are. You then need to verify compliance, which is primarily related to the existence of gaming testing labs. Well-known brands like Sony or Microsoft have set some standards and you should follow them as you develop the game in development to ensure license approval. This is why compliance testing is so important. The next important step in testing any sport is to test compatibility. Different users have different PCs with different hardware and software configurations.

This is mainly done to verify the correct settings required for the smooth running of the game. This is different from the functionality test in that it does not test the accuracy of the game but only proves that the game requires minimal configuration to run. All you need to do is check the RAM, the minimum space on the hard drive, the best operating system, the most suitable processor, etc. Game testers obtain the results of this test to meet the “minimum system requirements” announced in the game. Another important experiment is to dive where the game lasts for several days and is performed to check for the presence of memory leaks or round-ups that accumulate. There are no hard and fast rules for testing the game, but there is still a basic scientific approach. Usually, companies take it to ensure proper elimination of any errors. The first step in this approach is, of course, to identify the error, which is nothing more than the misuse of the programs.
After that, the bugs are reported to the developer, who starts a detailed scan to remove the bug. After the developer clears the error, testers run the game to ensure that there is no such problem. A regression test is then performed to ensure that closed errors do not reappear. Standard tests are followed to ensure the game meets all standards for a proper start in the gaming world …

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