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The main objective of this game is to revive your brain with waves. Using advanced technology to save a small foam ball with the born fan. This not only saves you short hair, but you also have to deal with some short-term obstacles. Some obstacles require your ball to be at a certain height and you can adjust it to your concentration level. You control the process through the coordination of hands, eyes and mind. You wear a headband and it makes you feel focused and relaxed, and you raise and lower the ball accordingly. There is a sense of magic when you turn your mental energy into something like that.
There are things you can see and feel with this new game. It offers a kind of resemblance to a mental illness in which people have the most skeptical activity. If you have ever dreamed of moving something with the power of your brain, this new game or toy makes that dream come true. There is a detector in the earpiece, against his forehead. Two more clips on your air lobes. The sensors measure the activity of the theta wave in your brain. The waves are directly related to your level of attention and concentration.
Detectors record the theta wave activity, convert that activity into a signal, and transmit it as a radio frequency to a game or toy.

The more theta wave activity, the faster the unit’s small fan will rotate. The speed at which the fan rotates and consequently moves the ball depends on how much attention you pay. The faster the fan rotates, the higher the hair is along the Z axis. Rotate a dial and move the ball across the X and Y axes. Everyone should pay attention. No matter what it is.
The more you focus, the more the ball will go. To narrow it down, just look around and take a deep breath to relax.

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