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With four children, ages 3-18, we have put together several board games. Over the years, our list has included over 30 board games. I was very careful to touch the corners of the boxes. It looks like the edges will help reinforce, for a while! But over time, that is likely to change. When my children were young, as soon as they broke the edge of the box on Christmas morning, there was a mom with a zipper bag waiting for all the little pieces. The bag was kept in a box and the children were very good at removing all the pieces. But we still had to struggle with this box.
Last year, we went on vacation to Carolinas and discovered the best! The guest house we were staying in had a lot of board games. To my surprise, however, there were no boxes! They easily stacked the board on a shelf and placed all the small parts and instructions in the labeled storage bag. It took up so little space that they had about 40 games left in less than 5 or 6 games in traditional boxes! It looked very clean and organized! When I got home, immediately. He decided to get rid of the board game box and use the same method. I love all my games on a small shelf instead of carrying a full closet! I recently shared with my readers that at Christmas, we distribute up to three gifts to children using the following formula. Some to read, some to use, some to play, some to share, I have a lot of people writing and asking what I mean by “something to share”. Well, we try to make a gift that the whole family can share.
And enjoy.

It can be a “classic” video, an “experience” gift, like a zoo pass or museum membership. But in our house, it is generally a board game. Our favorite board games are the ones that the kids (and us!) Have had to repeat over and over. The simplest Christmas shopping can be found on Amazon (http://tinyurl. com/6qnovv) – Monopoly

– Mega monopoly

– ??? ????

– hint

– Junior suggestion


– Scrabble

– Super Scrabble

– Phase 10

– Help card games

– ???

– Lifetime

– Discounts and stairs

– The world of sweets

– Apple to apple – Biblical edition

– Guess who? Board game

– sorry!

– Chess

– memory

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