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Players have always debated what was the best gaming, console or computer gaming experience. If you are confused and want to try to form an opinion about it, think about it and then take a look at some of the points that have been debated. Console gamers claim that consoles are better because they just have to plug their machine into an outlet and start playing. Computer games take longer to start because the game must be installed on the hard drive and can even cause compatibility issues that can be frustrating. In this field, console games definitely have an advantage.
Another thing to consider is the quality of the graphics and most gamers claim that computer games are definitely superior to console games in this field. Naturally, this is because the PC has a lot of space and capabilities when it comes to graphic presentation, therefore colors are sharper and shapes are more defined. Compared to consoles, computers again have this advantage. This includes continuous advancements in computer-based graphics technologies that make computer graphics virtually better with each upgrade option. Probably one factor in why they are doing so poorly is the fact that a player can play at consistent performance.
Machine versus computers whose performance capabilities are determined by the specifications of the PC, such as RAM, CPU, hard drive, controller, and video card.

While all of this can be a hassle in the PC gaming experience, consoles don’t have these issues and that’s why they’re supported. In terms of game availability, it is undeniable that more games can be played on PC and consoles are naturally behind this category.

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