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Sony has had a difficult few years with the PlayStation 3 in 2007. Much of this is spent on Xbox 360, such as Halo 3, Mass Effect, and BioShock. In games like Devil May Cree 4, Resident Evil 5, and Grand Theft Auto IV. Also, Solid Metal Gear 4 was delayed until 2008. Many gamers thought Sony was already done and should bow to Microsoft. However, the PlayStation 3 has recently breathed new life into Sony. After a 400 400 drop in the price of the PlayStation 3, sales of the PlayStation 3 have increased. Plus, costs outside of PlayStation 3 are worth playing, like Heavenly Sword and Roach & Clinic: Future Tools of Destruction. Fortunately, things finally look bright for Sony. Sony seems to be on the right track and in the right direction. This can be clearly seen in the 2007 unofficial holiday season of their biggest PlayStation 3 game: Drake’s Fortune. In this game, the story revolves around Nathan Drake and his allies. They are looking for treasures. As a result, they are lost on an island in the Pacific Ocean.
Nathan and his acquaintances now fully intend to flee this retreating island as they pursue the deadly ajdars. When it comes to storytelling, Naughty Dog definitely delivers. The plot is compelling and not as predictable as some games can be. The game has aspects of a typical third person shooter game with twists. The point is, you can do more than shoot your opponents. Players will also have to deal with items that jump to certain platforms. There is a technique of looking around the corner that is like gears of war. Mr. Drake can use the cover by placing his back against the wall and sitting down. Blindfiring is another game mechanic that was heavily influenced by games like Gear of War. This is really when you hide behind the cover and shoot without exposing yourself. Platform jump is the equivalent of a game like Persia of Persia. Drake doesn’t look athletic, but he seems to be cheating. When you are on an airplane, you can do very dynamic exercises.
The texture is clean and the plants are splendid.

Lighting and architecture are some of the things that are amazing in this game. In addition to shooting, there are moments in the game where Nathan can use his arms and legs in combat. Well covered, it will withstand a host of adverse conditions. There is not much about weapons in the game. These range from early pistols to explosive grenades. Drake can move through the atmosphere with his movements. He knows how to cross big obstacles, walk a distance on a rope, and jump easily from one end to the other. Controls are responsible and never prevent players from enjoying the game. Restoring health is done simply by standing and waiting. (Fortunately) all of Drake’s moves are easy. The only two flaws with the game are the animations and the duration. Sometimes there were times when the enemy did not act accordingly. The result was strange and unrealistic physics.
Opponents will not perform the power slip, but it was strange to see the enemy fly in a whimsical way. Another grip with the game lasts nine hours. A game that requires more gameplay to sync. Although the game is short, the game itself is interesting. The in-game audio really brought the plot together. The soundtrack is bright, not loud. The sound of Drake reloading his weapon makes him feel small. The water that falls to the ground is a different fluctuation than your flu sound. Overall, there’s no question that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is the best PlayStation 3 exclusive that PlayStation 3 owners will appreciate. Interesting gameplay in history removes some minor flaws in the game. Final Verdict: Independent: Drake’s Fortune is a great game.

9. 4 out of 10

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